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McDaniel Consulting has various clients for its White Paper, Business Plan, and RFP Response services. More of our FinTech, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain clients are using the white paper service in preparation for their ICOs.

Each White Paper has an Executive Summary, Introduction, Previous Approaches, New Findings, Conclusion, and Bibliography. McDaniel Consulting Business Plans actually contain similar information. Our business plans have been presented in the same vein as a White Paper since inception in 2001. What we’ve been calling a business plan have truly been white papers. 

How? McDaniel Consulting conducts ALL of the market research to prove its assertions for a viable target market. Those figures are then used to justify the financial assumptions and financial projections in the business plan. Every business plan includes an Executive Summary, History of the Organization, Marketing Analysis, Strategic Implementation, Use of Funds being requested, and Financials. Logical conclusions for the financial projections and market share that can be garnered by the clients are based on FACTS – not conjecture. 

McDaniel Consulting does not speculate. We do not guess. We draw logical assertions based on the market research that we conduct in-house with our subject matter experts. The McDaniel Consulting business plans have been noted for thoroughness while still being a fast-read. Decision-makers assess whether to become equity investors or debt fund lenders based on the conclusions of McDaniel Consulting.

Testimonials from bankers at BBVA Compass, Chase, Wells Fargo, PlainsCapital, and others have attested to these facts. Individual clients have also shared similar feedback from their investors. Thus, Business Plans and White Papers are similar at McDaniel Consulting - we tweak the format for the specific audience. Be sure to contact us for a LIVE demo

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