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McDaniel Consulting GBSFE_is a Dallas-based company founded by Syreeta V. McDaniel, _MBA in 2001. _The firm specializes in writing white papers and business _plans _for entrepreneurs who operate in various industries. 

Business Plan, Expansion Plan, and White Paper customer locals are in _21+ states. B-I-T Blaster White Papers for ICOs, FinTech, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency clients are are most requested recently. Expansion Plans are for healthcare clients. Over 400 SBA-Investor Ready Business Plans have been-completed to date; over 33% of clients applying for funding obtain it. Total debt funds received by clients exceed $204.5 million. 

McDaniel Consulting GBSFE specializes in effectively working with various clients headquartered in urban, suburban, rural, and international locales.

  • As a result of efforts, McDaniel Consulting GBSFE has been featured in multiple publications across the U.S.,
  • An active roster of clients who operate in various _industries
  • Done business with franchises, professional athletes,
    __business executives, and proprietors
  • Become the business plan writer of choice for one PlainsCapital, Wells Fargo, Colonial Savings, and BBVA Compass Bank branch locations
  • Been awarded consulting contracts with quasi-governmental entities
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