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Global Business Solutions for Entrepreneurs 

McDaniel Consulting GBSFE is recognized as a top firm that has been successfully producing SBA-Investor Ready Business Plans since 2001. We apply Fortune 500 professionalism while helping your franchise, small business, family-owned business, and growing businesses to make convincing arguments in writing. Aside from business plans, we develop Expansion Plans, Success Plans, and address RFPs. 

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Our entrepreneurial clients operate in 21+ states, Canada, Bolivia, India, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe as well as various  industries. Consulting to SMEs that were awarded contracts by U.S. governmental governmental agencies are other clients. 

Target Market Analysis and extensive Industry Research are hallmarks of completed McDaniel Consulting GBSFE client engagements. Our clients are proprietors that earn up to $150,000 a year to family owned companies with 40 locations and up to $100 Million in annual revenues. We write business plans for clients that are seeking equity funding from investors and low interest business loans from banks

McDaniel Consulting GBSFE has been featured in national / local publications like The New York Times Magazine, Woman’s Day Magazine, Emerging Business Magazine, and The Dallas Morning News. Please click here for our FREE 8-minute #BIZTV training on reasons to have your business plan written. 

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