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Business Speeches - Training

Syreeta V. McDaniel, MBA has delivered multiple speeches
to chambers of commerce, quasi-governmental entities, and
client offices on every business topic since 2001. Ms. McDaniel
is able to speak on any small business topic.

The most requested have been:
  • Business Funding: Traditional Lending, Alternative

  • __Financing, and What About those Grants?
  • Funding your Business Expansion by Saving on Taxes

  • Marketing: Implementing Aggressive Tactics to Create More Sales

  • How to Parlay Your Corporate Skills into Entrepreneurial Success

  • Human Resources for the Small Business Owner: Hire Increase Revenues

  • Franchise Business Plan Development

  • Speaking Engagement Rates are:
    Local speaking engagement fees are in the $1,200 range
    Non-Local speaking engagement fees are in the $6,500 range

    Call (214) 349-6564 for specifics and quotes

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