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White Paper and Business Plan rates vary based on your length of time in business, purpose, and the ICO, loan, or debt funding being requested.

  • Express Business Plan $3,500
    The Express Business Plan package is ideal for Veterans or DBEs seekings up to $250,000 in SBA Express Loan or Initial Equity Funding from an Investor. Completion: 7 to 10 days
  • Established or International Business Plan $8,000
    Entrepreneurs seeking an Established Business Plan have usually been in business for a while and are now seeking $250,000 to $5.0 million for SBA 7(a), CDC 504, CAPLines, Export Loans, Disaster Recovery Loans, or Equity Financing. Also ideal for International businesses outside of  the U.S. or for INS EB-5 Visas. Completion: 21 to 30 days

  • B-I-T Blaster White Paper and/or Business Plan $15,500+
    The B-I-T Blaster Business Plan is for clients that are seeking $25 million to $100 million in funding for a FinTech, Blockchain, Bitcoin, and/or Crypto Currency project. Length of the business plan will be close to 40 pages. The Market Research file is included as a separate document that's up to 100 pages. Includes on-site business consulting when necessary. Completion: 28 days
  • Micro Business Plans $1,800
    Micro Business Plan Packages are best suited for entrepreneurs seeking less than $50,000 from an investor, local bank, or micro-lender.  Generally completed in 3 to 7 days
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